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DTAC Update - January 2011

The Dance Teachers Alliance of Canada is pleased to share some extraordinary news.  During a collegial meeting on January 13 with National Ballet School representatives Laurel Toto, Angie Seto and Jeff Melanson, all parties agreed to a cooperative vision for our two organizations.  It will see NBS reduce the Associate Program enrolment by one third over three years while DTAC collaborates to support other NBS activities including their adult classes, the Shoe Room and the Teacher Training Program.  NBS’s commitment to an average annual reduction of 10%, beginning September this year, will result in an enrolment of 350 to 380 students by 2013/14 from about 520 today.

Looking to the future, we agreed that collectively addressing such community issues as exempting dance classes from the HST, coordinating teacher training and simplifying SOCAN fee structures for dance schools is a worthy goal, and one that will strengthen our relationship.

DTAC Board members, Lauren Randolph, Sarah Lockett, Pia Bouman, Gilly Chaplin, Jane Davis-Munro, Martha Hicks, Sean Boutilier and Michael deConinck Smith, and Coordinator, Elizabeth Varty, would like to thank our many supporters for your contribution to this resolution.  We encourage you to continue your involvement as DTAC takes on other important issues.

We also would like to extend our appreciation to Mavis Staines, Laurel Toto, Angie Seto, Jeff Melanson and the Board members of the National Ballet School for their open-minded response to a very difficult issue. This decisive action by one of Canada’s principal arts institutions sets the highest standard for community engagement and reconciliation.

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